Fixing over-toned hair extensions with Jayne!

November 11, 2020

Fixing over-toned hair extensions with Jayne!

We have all been there before , turned a brand new beautiful set of platinum blonde hair extensions blue or grey!

Before you pick up that colour tube or even think about toning those extensions , there are some vital rules to follow! LoW and behold , if you did jump the gun and you are not left with an interesting array of greys and blues, it CAN be salvaged ....

Here's how!...

Train with me!


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Brisbane Hair Extension Masterclass - Jayne Hair Academy . February 2021

February 23, 2021

Another hugely successful hair extension masterclass with the Jayne team in our brand new Hair Extension warehouse in the heart of Kedron | Brisbane!
These classes are filled with enthusiastic and motivated hairdressers , looking to improve their skills and network with other like minded stylists.

Our courses now start with a full live demo , followed by lunch and hands on training on all 3 styles of weft ( Hand - Tied , Silk and Machine ) using both the flat track weft , la weave method and also now includes the INVISI bead deluxe method!

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Brisbane Hair Extension Masterclass 2020!
Brisbane Hair Extension Masterclass 2020!

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What an incredible day! Hosted by Jayne Hair Extension Co , at our Jayne Hair Academy in Kedron Brisbane. Our students all became qualified in the 3 different Jayne weft human hair extension methods , including the machine weft , silk weft and hand tied weft system.

We teach 2 different stitch methods , 3 different application styles, and two different track methods. What is the greatest thing about our masterclass days? The amount of incredible , like minded stylists , that are hungry for success, and eager to learn! ?

We love networking! We love teaching and we would love to train with you! Find out more about our training , classes and courses at 

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