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100% Wholesale Human Hair Extensions Online...What does that even mean?

by Melissa Proietti on February 25, 2019
We have all been there, typed in 'Wholesale' before searching for goods on Google, because we know this means it will be cheaper, right? But WHY? Why does 'Wholesale' mean cheaper? and do you even know what that means....
There are 2-3 stages that our goods go through before they reach your door after your press 'BUY NOW' on the website. Here is how it works, and here is how you can save yourself spending $$$ and being dissapointed in quality EVEN THOUGH it was expensive.
1. Manufacturing....
This is the first place your goods become what they are. For example the 100% human hair we use at Jayne first becomes Jayne in this warehouse. The hair arrives here in its natural state, becomes sterilised, treated, coloured and made into the final product. It then gets packaged and shipped out to its first destination , which in most cases is the WHOLESALER.
2. Wholesaler....
This is the second destination the hair reaches before you receive it , but be careful! Not in every case that something is labeled WHOLESALE, is it actually it's second destination. I will explain. Many retailers are starting to sell their products through other systems such as AMAZON, EBAY, larger companies etc. These companies then sell the product (hair) again at a marked up price but still labelling it wholesale. Therfore you are not getting the best price for it. Watch below.
1. Manufacturing product ie. $20
2. Wholesaler sells product ie.$40
3. Online company buys the product for $40 , sells it for $60
As you can see, the more hands that touch the item, the more expensive it becomes, and lets not forget the product never changed! . You could potentially pay $60 for an item worth $20 . Unfortunately not everyone can order direct from a manufacture, therefore your safest and best price always comes from the ORIGINAL wholesaler. That brings us to the 3rd stage.

These are the supply shops we drop into due to convenience and time. These suppliers generally have online shops and or physical shops that stock other companies merchandise at a marked up price . (Again , the third hands to touch the product) . If you do your research correctly you can ensure you are paying the best price for quality by ensuring your WHOLESALER is a legit importing company such as ourselves at Jayne Hair Extension Co.
More and more the public are gaining access to trade goods such as Human Hair Extensions. At Jayne, we offer a discount to our trade members as we understand the hair has to be profitable without losing quality . For the public we also ensure quality which is where our pricing comes from. Our aim is to keep our mark us straight from our manufacturer as low as possible but still remaining profitable. This ensures you are getting the best possible price for quality.
Always trial your hair extensions when shopping online , and ask about the origin of the hair, where it came from? Was it custom manufactured? Is there a quality guarantee?
We guarantee our hair and offer a 100% Refund or Exchange if that quality is not met , so you can rest assured knowing you are not being over charged or charged more than the wholesaler bought it for . Be careful where you shop ,especially online and understand that if you are buying from a 3rd party, you are paying the highest dollar for that item.
Enjoy shopping your Russian Human Hair online here at Jayne and don't forget to send us an email or direct message for a colour match. Straight from qualified hairdressers to trade and the public. 

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