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Hairdresser Terminologoy for dummies! / Non-Hairdressers

by Melissa Proietti on April 12, 2019
What in the SPLICE is she on about?
We have all been there... Agreeing with our hairdresser just because she/he seems to know what she/he is talking about , but really asking ourselves ' what the bloody hell is an Ombre?' . Well today I have cleared to air on some of these 'Hairdresser Terms' we use without even thinking that you MAY not have any idea what we are talking about . After a while WE totally forget that you don't actually know what we know, but after todays video , you can confidently walk into your next appointment and tell that Bish,, you want a back to back full head of foils finished with an ash blonde toner and some splicing to blend your layers ;) . You got this!


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