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Olaplex for hair extensions?

by Melissa Proietti on October 15, 2018
Olaplex for hair extensions?
The answer is YES
If you haven’t used Olaplex, you haven't lived. Since the product hit shelves, it’s been ridiculously popular with stylists and their clients,  forever changing the industry. Lifting colour from natural hair is no longer a worry. Yet there’s been a lot of confusion about the product, involving questions like, does it lift colour? And, is it a conditioner? Can you use it on extensions? We are going to cover these questions for you now.
What is Olaplex and why are stylists becoming such big fans?
Olaplex is a tool used during and after a chemical service. Hair is made up of bonds that break every day with chemicals like colour or with brushing. Olaplex is a chemical that links those bonds back together to strengthen them. It is NOT a conditioner. Conditioners merely hydrate while coating the hair. Once you wash out the conditioner, the true grit is exposed again. Olaplex works inside the hair cuticle to link the bonds that the hair is made out of to accomplish that smooth, healthy look of hair. Olaplex is also NOT a lifting agent. Another misconception is that Olaplex is a chemical that helps lift colour since it’s used with developer. Again, Olaplex does not lift, nor does it condition; it’s simply an added tool. Look at it as a protector that gets activated while the hair undergoes chemical treatments to minimize damage.
How does it work for Jayne Hair Extensions?
Olaplex is perfect for both colouring new Jayne Hair Extensions and for treating uncoloured extensions that are on their last run. For those that are worn out but you’re hoping to revive them for one last install. As a stand alone treatment, Olaplex can help connect the bonds of the hair together again.We recommend you use it as a stand-alone treatment every second or third application to bring life back to those dull, lifeless hair extensions on their last legs..
To learn more about Olaplex, specifically, visit their website:
Are you using Olaplex? What are your thoughts? How have you used it? Leave it in the comments below. We’re curious to know!

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