Top 5 hair extension FAILS and how Jayne prevents them!


We have all been that person, walking down the street or on a night out and been the ones to do a double take when we see one of these 5 things in the flesh...
1.Obvious hair extension colour mismatches
2.Obvious hair extension attachments poking out of someone's hair
3. A birds-nest AKA dry frazzled hair extensions
4.Damn girl is that a layer or just where your real hair ends and extensions start?
5.OMBRE ruler line across the middle of the hair, can we have an AMEN for this one!
Let's talk about WHY these 5 problems arose and why you can count on Jayne to avoid them, because seriously it's not a good look!

1.When choosing hair extensions, in- salon or online you need to first be aware of the exact colour of your own hair. Sounds obvious but sometimes we have hair colour mirror glasses on! There are so many different shades of brown, blonde, red etc that it can be almost impossible to figure out for yourself, and it really makes it obvious when your wearing hair that does not perfectly match your own hair. How can this be avoided? Jayne will ALWAYS help you make the choice on a colour match. Our highly qualified hairdressers are here, around the clock to contact VIA email or phone with a few photos of your own hair.

We will help you choose the correct colour AND if we get it wrong or we simply don't stock that colour, we can advise you of a TONER or colour for your hairdresser to apply on our 1oo% human hair that perfectly matches. We work with senior hairdressers with hair colouring skills to get that perfect match,we won't leave you stranded with hair you cannot wear. In the case that the colour is completely off and the packet is unopened , we are happy to arrange a swap for another colour that will suit you better! No one wants to be caught dead in a situation like this , and we totally get it!

2. Hair extensions should be seamless and flush to the scalp, placed in easy to hide positions. Jayne offers invisi tape extentions with a smaller tape applicator than most , meaning that these are less bulky and easier to disguise in the hair. With the proper application they should be able to be tied back and still hidden in a pony.

In the case that you want to ensure a correct application we have a luxurious salon in Brisbane La Bella Vita that can apply, cut in and style your extensions for you! Our beaded weft system is one of the most popular systems we have in place to create flush to the scalp rows that are comfortable, hidden and extremely easy to style. We highly advise seeing a professional in your own state for application. If you don't want your hair extensions to poke out and be obvious, avoid home jobs and non professional applications.

3. Birds nest alert! You have some serious hair problems and unfortunately these bad boys need to come out! There are hundreds of wholesale hair extensions on the market , that doesn't mean to go for the cheapest or buy without researching! Specific hair types have specific attributes. For example, Brazilian hair is thick, coarse and a cheaper style of hair. This hair starts of nice and soft but in a very short period of time it will start to fluff up, frizz and matte and no amount of conditioner is going to fix it. Another reason this hair is turning into your neighbours bird avery is because the hair is not Remy.

Remy hair has every cuticle pointing the same direction, which means it stay sleek and soft . Cheaper hair will have its cuticles in all different directions meaning it will end up feeling like your hair would if you consistently brushed it backwards instead of down.
Non-Remy hair will also need to go if you want that nest out!. All of Jayne's hair extension collections feature REMY RUSSIAN hair. This is the longest lasting hair on the market to ensure you NEVER get caught with big bird In your hair!

4. You MUST get your extensions professionally cut in, even if they are clip-ins. If you have very short hair naturally , we advise getting a few soft layers cut into the extensions in order to blend the part between your hair ending and the extensions starting. Jayne's Brisbane based salon will ensure your extensions are blended perfectly and even teach you how to style at home to prevent them being noticeable! We care about how the back of your hair looks, even though you can't see it, THEY can. 

5. Ombre.....Ombre ombre ombre. The SLAY of all hair, the desire we have all had at one time or another....or alternatively...the disaster. Ombre is such an amazing beautiful colour, when done correctly. First of all you need to get your own hair prepared for this specific style of extension. Secondly you need to make sure the extensions chosen do NOT have a big fat line between black and blonde smack bang in the middle of them.

How can you tell? A true ombre is a triple blend NOT 2!. Jayne exclusive ombre extensions are ALL triple blended. This means the dark colour at the root melts into a gorgeous blended middle colour and again, melts into the light ends. We highly recommend contacting us with photos before purchasing and visiting an ombre specialising salon for application and colouring such as our Brisbane based blonde and ombre salon , La Bella Vita.

Good Luck and remember we are here for assistance when facing ANY of these 5 extensions FAILS!

'With Love'

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