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Which hair extensions are right for me? and WHY?

by Melissa Proietti on July 05, 2018
Tape - Weft - Clip in
WHICH do I choose? HOW do I know? WHAT is the difference?
We all know having long hair is AMAZING. We also know hair extensions are a GREAT way to enhance our looks. Choosing hair extensions can be confusing, and without the right advice, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars and HATING your hair. WHY? Because their are different types of hair extensions for different types of hair. Makes sense right? Let's talk about it.
Tape hair extensions are easy to apply, easy to style, and a great choice for longer thicker hair. Tape hair extensions are applied using a method of 'sandwiching' your own hair between 2 sticky pieces of tape. Yep sounds bizarre but is quite affective. Keep in mind this method using a foreign product that is going to be in your hair for quite some time.Tape hair requires to be removed and moved up every 4-6 weeks. After this time period the sticky pieces will become un-sticky and start to slip from the hair. Another thing to know about tape hair is that it requires strength to safely be applied and re-applied. The hair holding the tapes in place should be medium-thick in texture. Removing the tapes can put some strain on the natural hair and given that the hair is in individual pieces it also can have quite some 'pull' on the natural hair. This is why for finer/fragile hair I would highly recommend using the 'weft' method.This brings me to the next paragraph.
Weft hair extensions can be applied in numerous ways. The most popular and least damaging on the natural hair would have to be the 'beaded weft' system. This system is not commonly used, although should be! (Please enquire regarding training on this method). The weft is placed in numerous rows (around 4-6) flush to the scalp using silicon lined metal beads. This ensures they are non-detectable, and sit flat on the head without poking or sitting bulky from the scalp. Because the hair is supported along the scalp by numerous beads it does not directly pull on any small portions of hair. Weft hair extensions are fantastic for anyone with fine hair worried about creating damage from hair extensions. No glue or sticky products are used in this method.Beaded weft extensions are quick and easy to apply and re-apply every 6-8 weeks. They grow down naturally with the hair but MUST be maintained on or before the 8 week mark. The biggest reason hair extensions will ever damage someones hair is from NOT maintaining them correctly.
Clip- Ins
Aaah clip-ins. How we LOVE to be able to ever so quickly change the way we look for a night out or special occasion! Clip-ins are for EVERYBODY. The number 1 accesory to turn your outfit from medioka to extraordinary! No maintenance and ever so long lasting with the correct care. Once you master the art of putting these bad boys in yourself you will never put on another cocktail dress without them . Need I say more? They can be cut in to blend with your own hair, stored in the wardrobe or in a box (Such as your gorgeous JAYNE box). Heck you can even have them coloured if 6 months down the track you decide to spice up your hair. If you just cannot commit to permanent hair extensions, these are for you. (Jayne clip-in extensions come in 3 different thicknesses to perfectly match your own hair type)

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