Tape Hair Extensions


Jayne Hair is European remy hair. This means the hair cuticle is intact and laying in its natural direction. Our goal is to provide the best quality hair to ensure longevity and the best possible experience in mimicking natural long hair. 

Each package contains 20 pieces.  We provide 16 ,20 , 22 , 24 and 26 " lengths. The weight for each bag is 50 grams. The extensions will last 9-12 months with proper care.

Our tape in’s will arrive with fresh tape on the tabs. If you are going to tone or colour the hair extensions prior to application , please remember not to wet the tabes, otherwise you may need to re tape them.

IN SUMMER we will send spare tape tabs with the tape hair extensions, as in the heat the tape will deteriorate over time on the shelf.


  • Our tape hair does NOT require heat when applying , if you do choose to, ensure it is a small amount.

  • Store tape at room temperature.'

Hair Extensions are human hair that have been coloured and processed to achieve the desired result. Because of this, they WILL fade over time just like regular coloured hair does. Using clarifying shampoo’s to remove product build up, purple shampoo to tone at home and toning the extensions with semi permanent professional colour at every maintenance appointment will help with this.

We do not refund or replace hair because of colour fading, as it is the nature of human hair. On the very odd occasion that a packet of hair has faulty tapes on them, please contact us asap to send you out complimentary tape tabes

We highly recommend maintaining your hair extensions using our Jayne Extend hair care range , to give your hair their longest life. Please remember hair extensions will also get split ends over time , and will need trims from time to time.


NOTE : the longer you go , the more hair you will need for fullness , and the hair will be more porous as technically the longer the hair gets , the older in age it is .

Refunds on faulty items only - Exchanges and credits can be issues within 30 days of purchasing.