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Understandable , you are going to need some tools to keep those extensions maintained! Our tape pieces are made specifically to perfectly fit our tape extensions. Our tape remover is soft on the hair, organic and vegan and will remove tape residue with ease. It also contains a natural soft aroma unlike some harsh chemical products on the market.
Silicon Beads to keep your hair in perfect conition when permanently applied. Travel bag to keep your jaynes safe eerywhere you go!

Thread, Beads and All

Weft Thread & Needles


Silicon filled micro beads


The tape down pack 60PCS


Hair Extension Loop / Bead tool


Custom bead applicator


Vegan/Organic Human Hair Extension Remover 125ml


Get me started


Hair Travel Bag / Hanger


Stainless Steel Extension Pliers, with grip


Hair Extension Colour Ring


Wholesale Starter Kit