NEW Fully Committed ( Deluxe rose gold stylist kit )

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NEW & FABULOUS! This deluxe rose gold & white hair extension kit is what hair lovers dreams are made of! A brand new , custom design , to keep all your tools organised and out of the hands on those who like to borrow all the salon tools and never give them back ... But seriously, you will love our Fully Committed kit as she contains all the necesseities ! 

- 15 rose gold mini securing clips

- Hair grippers 

- Rose gold applicator tool

- 2x rose gold needles

- Rose gold bead removal pliers

Rose gold bead application pliers

Rose gold tape application pliers

- Tail comb

- Bead bottle holders filled with 3 different colours beads

- Thread holders

Rose gold mini embroidery scissors


All kept safe and sounds in a stunning book like faux leather white case!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
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