Masterclasses & Registration


Brisbane Deluxe Weft Masterclass 11/10/2021

Jayne and her education team are touring the country to teach hair extension installations and business mentoring!

Besides a great starter Kit!, you get the following:

When taking a certification, besides a great gift bag, you get the following:

Learn The Following:

  • Hand Tied Wefts

  • Machine Sewn Wefts

  • Silk Weft Sewn Wefts

  • 2 different Bead foundations

  • The Invisible Bead Foundation and Application

  • Colour Matching

  • Blending and Styling

  • Consultation

  • A Full Extension Kit

  • Social Media Tips

  • Pricing Outline

  • FREE ongoing enrolment into our full online course to continue your training for 3 months further

Join us for great education, new friends, and fun!

Certification Benefits

  • Our educators are confident, certified and all successful hair salon owners and hair extensionists

  • We teach you 2 bead foundations ,2 stitching patterns and 3 different weft types so you don’t just have one way of doing things. The more knowledge you have, the better! Now you will have options for every client that sits in your chair.

  • Online course enrolment , hands on and educational training videos that go over everything you learned in class. A great way to refresh your memory so you never feel like you didn’t retain anything from your training!

  • The perks! You get discounts on all of our online products with your 20% OFF trade discount.

  • Make more $$! Getting certified creates the opportunity to charge more because of the time and experience you’ve put in to learning these techniques. Not sure what to charge? We’ve got you! We go over pricing in our hair extension handbook.

  • Not only will you learn the basics of beaded wefts and our techniques, you will also learn the invisible bead method. Leave the training equipped to do ANYTHING! Typically hidden bead classes are extra trainings but we do it all in one now so you are ready to rock ‘n roll.

  • The Kit! Full to the brim with ALL of your extension tools and custom designed goodies!

  • Not only do you learn how to install.. we talk methods, consultation, hair types, weft types, color matching, how much hair to use, placement, pricing, contracts, blending, proper care and more!

Class Requirements:

  • Mannequin head and stand

  • If for some unexpected reason our class is canceled or COVID prevents you from attending, you will receive a full refund.

Class Requirements:

  • Mannequin head and stand

  • Signed confidentially form for all of our training materials

We will provide hair for you to use during the class. We will use a live model for the demo, but all installation practice will be done on a mannequin head. We found this is the most efficient way. If you have questions, please email us at info@jaynehairextensionco.com

Please select a class for further information and run sheet !