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We have always believed that knowledge is the key to confidence, which is the key to power , which is rthe key to success.


Knowing your product back to front is vital for your customers to have a long and trusting relationship with you . 


This is where we break down that knowledge for you , so that we to, can have a long and trusting relationship.

Frequently asked questions
What type of hair do we supply?

European Remy hair, Remy means cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles are facing the correct way during manufacturing . This means the hair won’t matte or birds nest after washing a few times .

This is extremely important when sourcing hair extensions.

How is the hair made?
Will the hair matte?
What sort of brush can be used on the extensions?
What is Double Drawn Hair?
What extension methods do we provide (ie, weft, tape)?
What is the maintenance for each method?
What is the timing for application for each method ?
What training do we provide?
Can you colour the extensions?
What makes our brand stand out from others?
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