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They say we are in a league of our own? Us hairdressers ... Yeah sure , we are a little crazy at times right? We have big personalities and we don't seem to hold back .. not with our passion , our goals , our dreams or our needs. And that is EXACTLY why I love us!

Jayne was born into a world of competition . Where there is another brand on every corner, and so many options to choose from.

That's why I won't bore you with the same damn thing you must be hearing from every website you land on.

Instead, I will tell you this. I don't settle for less than best, I don't allow my customers to be let down , and I stand by my 100% cuticle correct matte free hair guarnatee.

I believe this business works purely on trust , friendship ,and the highest quality of products for you and your customers .

I look forward to working with you and your team both with providing you only the best when it comes to hair extensions, and also the most updated methods in education.

XOXO Jayne

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