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Frequently asked questions
What is an ambassador?

Being an ambassador for our brand, means exclusively promoting our products & hair extensions with a genuine love for the product itself. An ambassador promotes and educates others on our brand, with exclusive perks in return for doing so.


As our brand is growing at an extremely fast rate, this opportunity is new and only available for a select few stylists that are looking to boost their engagement and social media presence , and visa versa.


Social media is the #1 marketing tool available , so being savvy and having good knowledge of social media and engagement is crucial. We may ask to see a copy of your engagement & insights before moving to the next step.

Why become an ambassador
Contract period

Providing photographs of before & afters , and also educational photos of your work with our extensions including photos of the tracks, sewing and placements - these can be provided via tagging and also sending via insta dm's .

The content should include information in what has been used and the benefits, and will require a minimum of 2 per week, which can also be provided utilising the same customer but different content, if you tag us we can copy the caption and photos and won't need you to also send them via a dm.

Providing reels via collaboration on instagram and tagging us, that include educational content about what you're using , why , the details of the products and that are also aesthetically pleasing and high quality . These reels can be fun before and afters , process videos and also tutorials on extensions and other tools / products .

Providing a minimum of two stories a week tagging our company page either using the product, talking about the product, reviewing the products or other engaging activity. These stories can be single or multiple frame but need to be more than a photo.

Be an active member of our socials by commenting , liking and engaging in our material , this is for instagram and facebook.

Promoting the brand by having our social media account tagged in your Bio as an ambassador as well as a highlight reel.

In signing or verbally responding to this contract you are giving our company the right to use your photographs, relevant to our product, on our social media handles and for advertising purposes.

Have fun be creative and show off your hair extension skills!.


30% off on all website products , hair extensions & tools , you will be set up with your own automatic discount on your account ( This is an extra 10% on top of your trade discount )

Free samples of new products in order to create content , video reviews and also enjoy for yourself!

Shared content, including collab reels and posts with us to increase your followings and insights.

Weekly engagement on your posts , stories and reels from our company to increase your social engagement.

Your own discount code for customers to use during promotions such as black Friday and sales, where you will receive 5% from every sale made using your code, directly paid to you.

Complimentary ongoing training and mentorship to ensure your content is up to date with new education, tools and products along with supporting you with information on the best ways to create your content and marketing.

Apply to join the team!

We will require further information from you once you have applied to become an ambassador. Please fill out the form below to be sent information on what to do next.

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