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Jayne Hair Academy

Looking to learn extensions?

EST. 2017 - Jayne has certified over 200 stylists and supplies over
30 salons in over 4 states around Australia. As our company and
training grows, we are expanding our training into all states of
Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

We offer one on one training, salon team training, group
masterclasses and online courses.

Our masterclass dates can be found on our website

One on one and team training can be organised directly with our
company for a date and place that suits you.

Our online courses can be accessed and purchased on our website

On completion of any training with Jayne, you will be set up with a
Trade Account. Our trade accounts offer our stylists 20% off when
shopping on our website.

Why Jayne?

Jayne was formed by passionate stylists, that saw a desperate need for real quality and real commitment to our stockists and stylists.

Starting from a small salon in Brisbane, to building relationships with stylists all over the country, we now educate and stock hairdressers all over our own country, and the world!

Our only mission is to continue to educate and create the BEST possible quality products and hair for those using Jayne, on both themselves and in salon.

We educate stylists, helping them grow and learn new and improved methods, that are going to help their business flourish by providing a service that helps their clients feel beautiful and feminine, enhancing their confidence.

One on One/Group Training

These methods have been designed and personalised by Jayne to make the hair extensions industry a safer, more affective and damage free service for your clients. They have been proven to prevent up to 90% of damage to your clients own hair, shorter the service time by 50% and increase your business profits by up to 50%. Your course will include a starter kit and also your certification following completion. Below we outline what the day includes and what to expect from one of our classes.

Certification on:
• Hand Tied Beaded Wefts (La
Weave / Flat Track Method)
• Machine Sewn Beaded Wefts (La
Weave/ Flat Track Method)
• Silk Beaded Wefts (La Weave /
Flat Track Method)
• Tape In’s (Short Demo is
specified in your class )
• Colour Matching
• Blending and Styling
• Consultation
• Client Preparation

• General pricing structures &
business advice
• Full Extension Kit
• Hair Extension Handbook
You will need to supply a mannequin
head and stand for your training -
unless we have made other
arrangements with you.

Our one on one training sessions start at
$1600 for one person.
2 people - $1950
3 people - $2300
4 people - $2650
5 people - $3000

One on One/Group Training

*Please Note - It is 1 Starter Kit per class, however extra kits & training hair can be purchased and arranged upon booking.

These classes can be booked within Queensland or also interstate with notice , travel fees may apply to some bookings . Please email us at with your booking details including location , date wanted and how many will be attending.


Masterclass dates are given in advance! To check any upcoming class you can
visit our website

Our classes normally run from 9am-3pm
with a light lunch included!

Besides a great starter Kit! You get the
Learn the Following

• Hand Tied Beaded Wefts (La
Weave/Flat Track Method)
• Machine Sewn Beaded Wefts (La
Weave/ Flat Track Method)
• Silk Beaded Wefts (La Weave / Flat
Track Method)
• Tape In’s (Short Demo is specified
in your class)
• Colour Matching
• Blending and Styling
• Consultation
• General pricing structures &
business advice
• Client Preparation
• Hair Extension Handbook
Join us for great education, new friends,
and fun!
Certification Benefits
• Extension Certified in four methods
• Trade Discount on all of our
• Continuous support and mentoring
through our company and updated
tips and tricks

Class Requirements:
• Mannequin head and stand
• Signed confidentially form for all of
our training materials

We will provide training hair for you to use during the class. All installation practice will be done on a mannequin head. We found this is the most efficient way.

Our masterclass prices are $1400

Online Courses

We have 2 different types of online courses - one to certify in La Weave and Flat Track Weft methods and one to certify in
Tapes. In these courses you will learn everything you would in a hands on class but in easy to follow video format.

To view the full course module breakdown you can go to our website https://

Your online course price also includes your starter kit!
This kit includes

- Full head of machine weft hair
- Premium Jayne colour ring
- Stainless steel pliers
- Silicon filled beads
- Mini metal clips
- 2000m Thread
- Applicator Tool

Once enrolled in your online course you will have 90 days to access the course and complete it.

Our online Weft Course is $1500
Our online Tape Course is $1200


What extension methods do we provide (ie, weft, tape)?

We provide Flat Silk Weft, Hand Tied Weft, Machine Weft, Tape, Clip in and Ponytail hair in lengths of 20", 22" and 24" currently. What is the maintenance for each method?

All of our methods require 6 week move ups, that includes tape and all weft methods. We will help advise pricing and timing for these depending on how much is applied.

What is the timing for application for each method (From a hairdresser with no experience who has just been trained)?

For a start up, we recommend a 2 hour time frame, to give time to consult, apply, cut and style from start to finish in a reasonable time and not rushing. Once confident, this can be cut down to around 1.5 hours.

What type of hair is Jayne?

Jayne Hair is European Hair, each packet is sourced from one single donor, meaning consistency in quality and cuticle direction. Our hair is coloured in America using high quality colours and not using Chinese hair colour.

Our hair has a 100% cuticle correct guarantee, the reason this is important is because if the cuticles are not 100% REMY, the hair will matte after the silicon coating has washed off over a few months, and start to birds nest which can never be corrected.

With our guarantee it means you will never have to worry about this, and if you ever did, we guarantee to replace the hair (this has never happened we are
proud to say).

Our hair does not contain any coatings at all, and still
had the natural cuticle within the hair follicle, this means the hair is extremely easy to blend in without causing steps within the hair extensions, like some double drawn hair can do.

Our hair also does not receive an acid bath when it is manufactured, meaning the cuticle is stronger and will last longer before becoming split at the ends. Our hair is also ethically sourced.

Do we have a rep on call?

I am our Brisbane City and surrounding suburbs rep, we only have a rep in QLD and the 1300 number is connected to my mobile during those hours. If for any reason I am not available at those times, the number will be transferred to Jess who is also a guru within the company and can assist with anything I would have been able to assist with.

What is included in my starter kit?

Everything you need to begin doing extensions straight away!

You will receive:

- Stainless Steel Pliers
- Custom bead applicator
- Needle
- Small pack of Beads
- Full size 2000m Thread
- Jayne Colour Ring
- Packet of small clips
- Jayne white and gold Storage Box

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